What is most impressive about Andy Pineau

is his wide spectrum background regarding established museum retail.  His 30+ years at the Smithsonian provided him exposure to virtually all aspects of retail operations in many different museum settings ranging from history to science to art.  He was able to gain exposure to multi-million dollar museum stores as well as the smaller one-room shops.  Andy gained valuable experience operating in well-established retail stores but also opened a retail store in a brand new museum up-to and including the grand opening.  Many museum retail executives are well versed in merchandising, marketing, and visual display.  Others have strong operations background as it pertains to budgeting, staffing, and procedure development.   Andy Pineau has a rare blend of all such skills rendering him proficient at all aspects of cultural institution retail, and his professional demeanor allows him to share his proficiency in a manner that will benefit the recipient of his knowledge.”